IMG_1129.HEIC.pngOur team is interested in addressing the homeless situation in the San Luis Obispo County area. We hope to work with surrounding charities and communities that want to alleviate situations within the homeless communities.

Problem Statement:
Though over the past couple of years the SLO county has seen a decrease in the homeless community, it still remains to be a significant problem for families, homeowners, students, and local businesses.

Mission Statement:
To work with communities to implement long-term solutions and sustainable development for veterans and those most affected by homelessness.

Current in development Projects :
Hope Slo Village
Hope Slo Village plans to address the needs of a portion of the homeless community by implementing a “low cost, self-built, and self-sustaining community village for previously unhoused adult residents of San Luis Obispo County.” They are attempting to model the micro home housing area in Austin, Texas known as Community First! Village.